October 13, 2012

Friday Finds- Fall Edition!

I know that it's Saturday.  I'm a day late.  So sue me.

No, don't really.  I don't have any money.

Fall is so great.

Pumpkin foods, pumpkin decorations, leaves, FOOTBALL, sweatshirts.

Yeah, I really love it.

So this week, I thought I'd bring you some of my favorite Fall things I've found. (alliteration!!)

Candy corn sugar cookie bars.  Easy, delicious, and festive!

Say it with me.  Apple.  Cider.  Sangria.  Yes, yes, and yes.

I know that I already gave you a turkey assignment, but these are too cute not to share.  Better get to work, it'll be Thanksgiving before you know it!

Honestly, is there some kind of Nobel Prize for creativity we can start giving out?  3-D Pumpkin Surprise Cookies.  Who thinks of these things?!?!

I've never made gnocchi.  But if WHEN I do, it will definitely be these.

Got milk kids?  Here are 45 fun Fall themed crafts to do with the wee ones!

Mmmmm, trail mix is delicious.  FALL themed trail mix?!  Ludicrously delicious.

Black Beans.  Butternut squash.  Cheese.  Avocados.  Get in my belly.

With a name like Pumpkin Dream Cake... how can this NOT be amazing?!

I'm going to make these. Right meow.

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