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About Me

The tag line pretty much says it all.  Mother. Runner. Lover of Desserts. 

I am a mother to B and E. (super biased, but I think they're pretty great)  They keep my hands busy and my heart full.

I am a four time marathon runner.  In the 9th grade I joined cross country and thought I wouldn't make it out alive.  Running has become not only a hobby, but my therapy, my stress relief, and something I genuinely love.

I enjoy running long distances so I can eat an absurd amount of food.  I am hungry all. the. time.  My favorite is dessert, but I can also get down with lots of cereal, any kind of mexican food, anything with mushrooms, and pizza.

When I'm not running after children, running 10 miles, or running to a cupcakery, you can find me doing crafts, watching How I Met Your Mother with my husband, or singing in the shower.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Your blog is fabulous. And TAKE THAT COMPLIMENT! You are an awesome woman, Nicole! A treasure to your parents and your kids, a delight to your husband, and an inspiration to people who will never be able to do the things you do. Your epiphany about doing your best and therefore you are awesome is spot on. I am so proud of you.

    And you CANNOT be turning thirty, because that would make me....uh...old.