July 27, 2012

Friday Finds!

Wow!  Is it already Friday?  This week has FLOWN by.  I've been knee deep in boxes/children/ice cream.

SO- I don't have a lot of time to ramble today (you're heartbroken, I know). 

I've got some stellar posts in mind for next week, when our lives will hopefully return to semi-normal.  I can tell you're on the edge of your seat with anticipation.  Just try and keep it together.

Let's do this.



 I know lots of people aren't that jazzed about this.... and if you are one of them, then get outta here.  Alright, you can stay.  But if you're like me and have been looking forward to these next 16 days for MONTHS, then you can check out the schedule here!

I know it's still July and all, but I'm getting pret-ty excited for that little season that comes after Summer.  Hoodies, pumpkins, apple cider, football....  So in that spirit, let's all start practicing these cute turkeys so that they're all perfect for Thanksgiving.


In the spirit of the upcoming squash season, I saw this recipe on the Whole Foods website.  Spicy stuffed spaghetti squash (alliteration!).  Ummm, yes please.


Did you know that you can take your Instagram pictures and turn them into MAGNETS?!


Even though I think they're a bit pricey ($14.99 for 9), it would be cool to splurge on your absolute favorite pictures.....


 Ehem :)

 Chocolate Caramel Brownies.  I don't think I need to say anything else.


To help you burn off the calories from all those brownies, here is a list of 50! exercises you can do without any weights!  If you can't get to a gym, just pick 6-8 of these exercises, and do them for a minute each.  If you're looking to really get a sweat, do one more round :)


And finally, something to make you smile on the way to your weekend.

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