March 10, 2013

The weekend and a marathon update

First off- the biggest and most important news of the year weekend-

I gave this handsome boy his very first hair cut!

I'd never cut someone's hair before- but he made it pretty easy.  I put on The Lorax, gave him a sucker, and he sat still as can be the whole 15 minutes.

How can this be possible?!  It's so cliche to say that kids grow up fast.  But whoever said that is like a miniature buddha covered in hair pret-ty wise.  Aaaaaaand now I'm going to go drown my sorrows in some Ben and Jerry's.  (FYI, Half Baked is the best flavor, don't even try to argue this)

The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxed.

Goofy children

Kid photographer

Walking in the beautiful weather!

I also did a 9 mile tempo run Saturday.  It.  Was.  Awesome!!!

Psst be my friend on daily mile!!

It was one of the best runs I've had in quite awhile.  I was shooting for around an 8:50 pace, and what do you know, I was a little under that!  It's so amazing how a really great run can pump you up and get you excited to keep going.

To be honest, I had started to feel a little weighed down by some of the intense workouts this training plan incorporates.  I had a good base before I started, but I was definitely not used to doing 2 speed workouts a week.  But!  I am really loving the variety and it's obviously working for me (for now).

I'm almost halfway through this training plan, and hopefully I can keep up.  I'm pretty ahead of the long runs in terms of miles, but I'm doing that to hopefully attain my big, scary goal :)  On the agenda for this weekend is a 24 miler.  Phew.  I just keep telling myself I'll only have a few long runs left- 24, 26, 30, and 23.

I'm going to dangle a big box of Honey Bunches of Oats in front of me like a carrot for a horse to get me to finish.

Hopefully many, many, many episodes of Arrested Development will ease the pain as well.  Jason Bateman certainly puts a smile on my face.



Do you prefer training plans for big races, or just wing it?

I most definitely have a preference- but I think that's a topic for another day :)

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  1. Why haven't I see that picture of Bubbie with the ridiculously cute "rarrr" face before!?