March 7, 2013

Current Survey!

WOW-  I can not believe it has been a week (more?) since I last blogged.  Time flies when you're having fun cleaning up puke.

Sick babies need lots of snuggle time which equals no blogging time which is a okay by this mommy :)  Baby snuggles are my kryptonite.  They weaken me.


I am a sucker for surveys, and before I get back into the blogging groove I thought I'd let you into the scary workings of my brain and life.

So now you get to enjoy sit through my rambling.  Sometimes it's fun to just let loose and have fun, right?!

Running talk tomorrow. :)

[Originally seen on Miss Smart's fantastic blog]

Current Books:

I am absolutely HOOKED on audio books for my long runs.  They make the time go by so much faster.  I know you're sick of hearing about it, but it WORKS!!!

Right now, I'm counting down the minutes until my next run due to this trilogy:

SO GREAT!!!!  (Not as great as Divergent.  Have you read that yet??  Yeah, I'm going to keep hounding you until you do so we can discuss it.  And yes, I'm aware that I pretty much only read YA books.  But I also watch Jeopardy! so I feel like that evens things out)

I also just got my gross extremely dry hands on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, so I'll be digging into those when I get some free time sans children.  So in like, 19 years??

Current Music:

At any hour of the day you can find me listening to either the Brad Paisley or Muppet's Pandora station.

I live on the wild side.

Current Guilty Pleasure:

You guys, I really, truly, love watching Wheel of Fortune. 

Current Nail Color:

I'll just tell you that they are sans polish.  If I took a picture of my gross, dry, winter hands, you might never come back.

Current Drink:

H2O fo' LIFE.

I also love Hazelnut decaf coffee, but even too much decaf gives me a headache.  Caffeine intolerance is a very sad thing.

Current Food:


Current Favorite TV Show:

Finally the Biggest Loser is back on.  Dolvett, how I missed thee.


And thy rippling pectoral muscles.

I also <3 Project Runway.

Current Wish List:

I just really want this.

and a pair of these.

and perhaps one more pair of these.

Current Needs:

I am alive and well and so is my family, so I have all I need :)

Current Triumphs:

21 miler on Saturday and it felt pretty great!!

Current Bane of my Existence:

The cold weather.  It's time to GTFO.

Current Celebrity Crush:

I have several.  Here's my top five

ps I LOVE lists of 5!!





Okay, so maybe he's not a celebrity... but he sure is cute :)

Current Indulgence:

I've been trying very hard to not eat dessert lately, but I do love me some of these on a daily basis.

Current Blessing:


Current Outfit:

I'm rocking some Hello Kitty pj pants and a Michigan (Go blue!!) hoodie.  And I have crazy morning hair, so I'll spare you a picture.

Current Excitement:

Yeah, I'm a huge nerd and am really looking forward to this.  (NOT the turning 30 part).

Current Mood:

Tired.  So, so, so tired.

Current Link:

Chubs is almost always ripping on me for having way too many tabs open.  Today is no exception. I have a lot of window shopping going down, along with the staples.  Facebook, gmail, ProCompression lust, Lululemon YELLOW CAPRIS!!,22 signs you're kind of, sort of becoming a grown-up, my marathon training plan, this Google search, and lastly, some healthy cookies!!

Have a great Thursday!


Who's your celebrity crush?!

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