June 5, 2012


Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday I posted my workouts from last week, which included a very cryptic "SVDubs" workout. 

What the heck is SVDubs?!  Well I'll tell ya.

I was sitting at my parents' kitchen table trying to find motivation.  I wanted to do some chest work, but to get my heart rate up, too.  Enter: CHUBS.

Chubs is my sister.  She. is. the. greatest.  I'll have to devote an entire post to her sometime soon, so you can understand how cool she is.  It's pretty bananas. 

Her initials are SV, and Dubs (W) is for workout.  SVDubs!

ANYWAY- she mosied (side note: I just googled how to spell that, and even though it's correct, I'm still getting red squiggle lines of doom under it.  Frustrating.  Also, under "googled") on over to the table and dictated my workout.

You should know, that she is not into the "fitness" thing.  Which makes this workout even greater!  It got my heart pumpin' and my chest a burnin'.  She's a genius.

I liked that this needed hardly any equipment.  For the shoulder raises, I would normally use a medicine ball- BUT- since I'm at my parents' house, one was not available.  So I used a watermelon.  YUP.  9 pounder.  Functional AND delicious.

I finished this off with a super quick 2 miles.  Because, to be honest, days without a run feel sort of empty. <---nerd alert

Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!  Next up: MUFFINS.

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