February 14, 2013

Link Love

Happy Valentine's Day!!

We're not big on V-Day at the Curly Mommy household, but I did have a few things on the agenda.....

I spent the day with two of my favorite Valentines

And a little time with a special friend during naptime

Then spent the evening with my other love....



The last 3 days I've been cleaning out my Google reader.  It was way over a thousand (I don't know if you heard me, but I did over a thousand), and honestly it was time to clean house.  As I was perusing, I found some really awesome stuff I've missed over the past month (or 2?) that I think needs some sharing.

So let's link love it up.

And yes, I have a Thought Catalog problem.

The 29 Worst Things About Being in Your 20's- Hey, I've only got a few months left, but more on that this weekend..... maybe...

9 Truths About Netflix Addiction- it's a REAL THING

What Goes Through my Mind Every Time I Go to the Gym

Loosen your Hips to Lose the Belly- If you need me I'll be doing these stretches for the rest of my life

The 8 Worst Foods to Eat in Bed- Serious giggles on this one.

3 Ways to Get Through Speed Work- favorite blog everrrrr

Runners Eat REAL Carbs

And Finally.....

31 Signs You're Liz Lemon- if you need to know anything about me, just read this list.  Spot.  On.


How was your V-day?!

Found anything super hilarious/helpful on the internetz lately?

PS- 100 Days til the Buffalo Marathon!!  Eeeek!!

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