February 7, 2013

Why is treadmill running harder?

Since my sweet, sweet neighbor has offered me her treadmill during the frigid winter months, I have been spending mucho time on the machine of destiny.

I am soooo grateful, because one day last week, I almost slipped and fell 28 times just walking to her house.  If I had tried to run in that icy mess, I am certain multiple injuries would've occured.


BUT.  Can we just chat about the difficulties of running on a treadmill for a hot minute?  WHY is it so much harder (for me)?

I think I have an answer.  Let me ramble a bit.

Last Saturday, I did 12 miles on that bad boy.  About 2.8 miles in I was ready to get off and climb back into my soft, warm, cozy bed.....

This happens a little bit when I'm running outside.  I get the "ugh, I don't really want to run" vibe, but it usually goes away after the first couple miles and I get in my groove. 

Note: Purchase an iPhone immediately so your self running portraits do not look like this

But on the treadmill, I have to CONSTANTLY talk myself out of jumping ship.  I think the main reason for this is that stopping is SO CONVENIENT.  *Boop* Press that stop button and you're golden.  One little motion, you can get off the t-mill (sorry, I promise to never use that word again) and go off to sleep or eat or watch hours and hours of Project Runway Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

When you're outside, you're out and away from home.  You're already out there!  No convenient stop button.  You'd have to run all the way home, and come on, at that point you might as well just finish your run. 

Does anyone else feel this way?  Am I all alone in the woes of treadmill running?  Or is my mind just a crazy, scary jumble? (please don't answer that)


  1. yes, i go crazy on the treadmill for the first 40 minutes, and then i get into a groove. i guess it's just the first step?

    1. Yes! Just gotta get over that darn hump!

  2. Yes- I think that treadmill running is harder, especially when you are first transitioning to it. But, after successfully running on it for a few times, then it seems to get easier for me. I go through the readjustment period if I haven't used it for a while though. Good luck!!