January 7, 2013

Motivation Monday- Buffalo Marathon Plan

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone's weekend was fabulous!

Workouts last week- I rode the bike.  A lot.  And did burpees.


For the past two weeks, I've taken off running completely because it's too freaking cold to give my knee a rest.  But this week that all changes.......

On today's agenda: Marathon training programs!!!!

Since the Buffalo Marathon is 20 weeks away (ahh!), it was time to figure out what plan to use.  I think I may have looked at every intermediate marathon program on the internet.  There are soooooooo many.  Too many.  So, I ended up asking a running friend (who's running Disney this weekend, go Dave!) which program he used.  He recommended this.

I knew I wanted to try an intermediate plan because I have a specific time goal in mind.  Even though I wouldn't consider myself an expert, or really even an intermediate at ALL, most of the beginner plans have one function, and that is to finish.  While that is certainly a goal, I really wanted some speed work mixed in so I wasn't spending all my running just building up mileage. 

I've taken a few weeks off of running, but have tried to keep a comparable routine with the bike so I didn't lose a ton of endurance.  I guess we'll find out on Saturday how that all worked out, since I've got 8 miles.....

Of course, I'll definitely change it up a little from what's printed.  6 days a week of running is too much, and I know that my body can't handle it.   So, I'll be switching some of the easy runs to bike rides or rest days. 

I chose this plan for a couple reasons. 

1.  Dave used the advanced version and said he felt more than prepared to run 26.2.  Even though he runs like, 5 minute miles, I hope this will be true for me as well.

2.  I like that there is a lot of VARIETY.  Nothing can make you get stagnant like running all. the. time. with no real goal except for running further and further.  At least, that's how I feel.  I love throwing speed work into the mix.

3.  I got really lazy and sick of looking at plans It was the perfect one!


How do you train for races?  A plan?  Wing it?  Show up and just run?

Thoughts on Burpees?

-They are, in fact, the devil in disguise

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