January 11, 2013

Five Things on a Friday

Good news!  The plague that has been occupying my house is finally on it's way out.  Please, never come back again, thanks.

In lieu of Friday Finds this week, I've got random shtuff on my mind.  And I love alliteration.  Five. Friday. 

Let's go.

1.  I'm um, kind of sore? from running this week.  It's very strange, but awesome.  I know I said it before, but I am SO happy to be running again.

2.  This little lady is going to be FOUR YEARS OLD next Friday.

I'm in complete denial.  Shouldn't she still be wearing a bib and wanting me to help her do everything?  Instead she's obsessed with reading and writing and yesterday proudly spelled out her name AND MINE.  Can we make time stop still, please?

3.  One of my new year's goals was to quit Facebook.  Hmmm, yeah......  I'm thinking I might need to just delete it from my life for a week for a "Facebook Cleanse."  I like reading about what my friends are up to, but I don't really need to read about that girl that I knew in 3rd grade's trip to the grocery store.

4.  I really, really want to try and do more core work, but I'm so bored with planks.  Let's play a game where you tell me all your secrets about making core work super fun and exciting.  In return, the winner will get a big prize virtual hug.  And go!

5. I keep seeing a lot of people trying this, Paleo diet.  First of all, I don't know how to pronounce it, so let's just discuss this on the internet and not in real life.  Second of all- ummm, who in the HECK could live that way???  Aside from the "diet" label, the thing that gets me is that any way of life that does not involve ice cream is off the table.  And cereal?!?!  Oh geeze.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


CORE WORKOUTS- suggestions?!

Anything exciting planned for the weekend?


  1. So I'm this far in your bog, meaning you may have said something else about the Paleo diet...I love it! I feel so good when I follow it (note the "when"). I've found I can survive by allowing dark chocolate :) I can't imagine it being good for a distance runner though...

    1. Any diet that doesn't allow cereal is just not for me :) Or pizza. Or ice cream. Okay, it's just not for me.