October 19, 2012

Friday Finds

Hooray!  Today is my 50th post!  Pretty wild stuff.

I have a busy weekend ahead- full of my favorite chocolate chip cookies and wait for it.... coconut cupcakes.


If they come out alright, I'll share the recipe next week.  If they don't come out, then you'll find me softly sobbing in the corner.

I also have a 16 mile run on the docket for tomorrow.  Eeeek.  Trying to get to my end of year goals.  Not gonna lie, a little scared over here.  Say a prayer for me around 7 am.

Let's get down to business!

Oh Anthropologie.  I just can't quit you.  Every week you suck me into your absurdly priced but beautiful dresses and plates.  Could someone tell my husband that this bedding set is totally acceptable for an adult bedroom and is totally not super girly?  (yes, I am aware that that would be a lie)  But it's soooooo soft!


Leonid Afremov.  This guy is AWESOME.  I would seriously buy anything he painted.  The colors and technique he uses are absolutely beautiful.  More about his artwork can be found here.  You can buy original artwork here.


I already told you how you can make magnets out of your Instagram pictures.  NOW you can make cute little books!  Love.


Butterfinger and Cookie dough Cheesecake bars.  No words.


Omg, my life.

It's been way too long since I shoved a coconut recipe in your face.  You're welcome.


I cannot WAIT to make this soup.  And eat it with a gazillion slices of warm, fresh bread.


Okay, I gotta jet.  Have a super weekend!!!

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