September 24, 2012

Motivation Monday- Cross Training

Hello hello.

How was everyone's weekend?  I pretty much did three things:

Running, Eating, and Snuggling.

Basically, the best weekend EVER!

I had another run-tastic week last week-

Monday:  REST!
Tuesday:  Workout inspired by Janetha's GPP workout (below)
Wednesday:  5 mile run
Thursday:  4.75 mile run
Friday:  REST!
Saturday:  15 mile run
Sunday:  4.5 mile run

The "I don't want 
to workout, workout"

Tri-cep dips on the floor
Bi-cep curls

Do AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) for 2 minutes of EACH exercise.  Rest 30 seconds in between each.  Repeat!

This was a great 25 minute workout that went by SO FAST!  You could use a watch to time yourself, or do as I did, and download a sweet workout timer App on your phone.  I also kept a piece of paper and a pen nearby and wrote down the reps I had for each.  Then tried to beat it the second time around.

Let's take a minute this week to talk about cross training.


 Whoopee!!  No, not really.

Being completely honest, there's not a whole lot of exercise I enjoy other than running.  I do love swimming, but that's hard to do in the winter if you don't have a sweet gym with a sweet pool.

I am not a huge fan of lifting weights.  I loathe biking.

BUT!  Unfortunately, cross training is a runner's best friend.  Not only does it give your legs a rest from the pounding they get doing so many miles, it will actually make you a BETTER runner.  Bonus!

Not to bore you with MORE talk about Insanity, but I gotta say, it's the best thing to happen to me as far as cross training goes.

It's cardio-esque, which I love.  I don't have to stand in front of a mirror critiquing all my imperfections while lifting a weight over and over and over.  They only take between 45-60 minutes and I get a CRAZY good workout.  Plus, let's be honest, I get to look at this fine gentleman the entire time:


It's not just Insanity that I really love for cross training, although it is convenient to just put the disc on and go.  I really love the whole body weight, workout at home idea.

You don't need any equipment, and you can do it ANYwhere.  So awesome!  And I can honestly say, that since I've started incorporating these types of workouts into my arsenal, I definitely feel a positive difference in my running.

I'll try and put together a few of my favorite "at home/no equipment" workouts this week and post them.  Once you find a few moves you like, you can really just put anything together! 

Or you can just come over and we'll do Insanity together.  That would be pretty awesome.

Phew- now that I've talked your ear off on this fine Monday, I think I'll get back to snuggling/football watching.

Tomorrow- more overnight oats!

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