August 20, 2012

Motivation Monday and a new PR!

Happy Monday Friends!!  How was everyone's weekend?

Mine looked a little something like this:

The cookie B's eating?  Yeah- go here.  You're welcome.

Oh and also?

I PR'ed!!

Personal Record.  For those of you (ehem, Joel and the rest of my family) who didn't know what that meant.

23:31 baby!!!!  

I was so excited.  Next up- sub 23:00!!

Wanna see what else I did last week?  (even if you say no, I'm gonna show you.  Sorry about that.)

Monday: 2 mile walk with the stroller
Tuesday: REST!
Wednesday: 40 minute run with the stroller
Thursday: REST!
Friday: 2 mile run
Saturday: 2 mile run with the stroller and a 5k race
Sunday: 12 mile LSD run with the stroller

I was definitely feeling tired last week.  Real tired.  Naps took precedence over runs.  So other than the weekend, I took it reaaaaal eaaaaasy.

And it was fabulous.

Sometimes I feel like I get caught up in having to work out  But that's not good for my body.  Exercise AND rest are good for you!

When you don't give yourself enough rest, bad things happen.  You get sick.  Or injured.  And both of those things are no bueno. 


I guess the moral of these rambles are:  LISTEN! to your body.  There is a time and place to push yourself, and a time and a place to give yourself a break. 

I had a lot of recovery last week. 

This week- I'm gonna push it :)

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