August 14, 2012

Motivation Monday and a Breakup Letter

Monday!  Monday!  Monday!

Hey, what day is today?

Oh right, it's Tuesday.

Well, I had this post mostly done, but then Joel was being all nerdy and computery with both the laptop AND the desktop yesterday.  So I just have to post this today.  You can direct all complaints with him.

How was your weekend?  Do anything super fun and exciting?

We had a pretty low key couple of days around here.

Who doesn't love a ball pit, amIright?!

Last week was some running, and a little cross training:

Monday: 13 mile bike ride
Tuesday: 3 mile tempo run
Wednesday: 1 mile easy, 12 x 400 faster than tempo but not sprints, 1 mile easy
Thursday: REST!
Friday: 8.5 mile LSD run
Saturday: Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Sunday: 12 mile run

Man, that 12 mile run felt so, so awesome.

So, everyone in blogland is pretty obsessed with this company called Fitmixer.  They have all sorts of protein powders and aminos and apparently, they're super delicious.

Well, the company is doing a bunch of giveaways and stuff this month, but one particularly caught my eye.  They wanted everyone to write a "break-up letter" to something in their life that is hindering their success.  Something bringing them down.  Something that is holding you back from moving forward and being GREAT!

Here is my break-up letter:

Dear low self esteem,

Hey you- I think it's time we see other people.  

No, no wait.  I don't want you to see anyone else.  Maybe you should just go jump off a cliff.  

You're mean and no one likes you.  You are useless.  A bad seed.  

I waste countless hours with you that I could be spending loving my children/husband/myself.  

Yes, myself- because even though there are so many things I wish to change about me, I do NOT need to dwell on them.  

Instead, I should be working on 1. accepting what I can't change or 2. working on what I can.  I hope you understand.  

But honestly?  You're just a big jerk. 

No love,

Phew!  That feels good!

Question:  What would you break up with??

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