June 18, 2012

A REAL Motivation Monday


I told you guys I would try and find something super awesome for this week's Motivation Monday, since I super failed last week.  And I think I've found it!

Well actually, Joel did.

But I'm a thief, and I'm stealing it.

A couple weeks ago, Joel called me into the living room to watch a YouTube video.  He spends many a hours on the 'Tube.

The video is crazy.  Crazy AWESOME.  See for yourself.


And can I just say, he ran his first marathon faster than I've run both of my previous ones.  Bam!  You go, Ben!

If you'd like to see his FULL journey, hop on over to his blog.  It's an amazing and inspirational story.

Need proof?  It's inspired this guy :)

Happy Monday to you!

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