June 11, 2012

Motivation Monday?

So here's the thing.

J and I are in The Middle of Nowhere, Arkansas.  Hopefully before the early morning news starts, we'll be snuggled up in our king sized bed.

Unless the kids decide that's when it's time to be awake for the day.  In that case, I'll be softly weeping in the kitchen with a death grip on my Keurig.

My second installment of Motivation Monday is going to be equal parts inspiring and lame.

I ran a half marathon!  I also pretty much did nothing else. 

Vacations sometimes do that to you.

So does a lot of rain + curly hair.

Sunday: rest
Monday: 9 mile run
Tuesday: arms and abs
Wednesday: 13.1 mile run
Thursday : rest
Friday: rest
Saturday: rest

Next week I'll try and find something really neato to make up for this week's lame-ness.

Wish us luck- only 350 miles to go!

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