June 14, 2012

Insanity and New Goals and a Marathon- oh my!

S'up, muffins?!

Just a freaking HOT day down here in good ol' Texas.  Yes, we made it into town in the wee hours of the morning safe and sound.  Yippee!

SO- now that my half marathon is behind me, I'm looking forward to setting some new goals.  I've found the only way to really get myself motivated to work out is by setting out certain expectations.

Unfortunately, I cannot always entice myself to run by promising myself cupcakes.  Ahhh, what a wonderful world that would be.

First, some news.  J has decided to start a new fitness chapter in his life.  He started a blog! to make himself accountable for his venture.  I'm SO excited for him!!  Hopefully, I can be the most amazing, super supportive, helpful wife EVER.

His goal is..... to run the Buffalo Marathon next May!!!!!  I may have cried tears of joy at this news.

I've always secretly hoped he would one day love running like I do.  To sit around and chat about split times, and shin splints, and short, short running shorts on old men runners, and fun stuff like that.

Now my dream is coming true.

I OF COURSE told him I would run it with him, and am getting pumped up to run my third marathon.  Seriously people, I can't wait.

That is goal numero uno.  Numero dos (I don't speak spanish, in english please) is to try and become a little speedier in my 5k.

I've never been much for PR'ing.  I really just enjoy running.  BUT!  As I said, I need goals.  I need focus.  So, another goal will be.... to run a sub 23:00 5k.

To jump start this goal, I ran a trial 5k yesterday clocking in around 24:00.  Not too shabby.  I'm expecting this to take me til at LEAST the end of the summer.

Shaving a whole minute off a 5k time ain't easy.  Just like pimpin'.

WOW, this post has turned into one big rambling, hardly any pictures, mess.  Sorry about that!

One last thing- J and I started "Insanity" today, and wow.  I. Am. Sore.  More on that later.

To end with, guess who's NINE MONTHS OLD TODAY?!

Mommy says, stop growing up so fast.

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