June 22, 2012

Friday Finds

Can I get an AMEN to how great alliteration is?  I mean, it really just makes life worth while.

I'd like you to indulge me as I share with you all the fun things I've stumbled upon on the internet machine this week.  Let's go!

  • Thanks to Janetha, I found this sweet article about how burpees are the best exercise in the history of the world (other than running, of course).  It's all so true.  Also, the first comment under the article pretty much says it all.

via GPP Fitness

  • How freaking cool is this Contigo water bottle?!  I've been wanting a Contigo forever.  If it had a handle I would probably faint.  Do you hear that, Contigo??  Maybe I should be a scientist who designs water bottles.

Via Amazon

  • Next we have a sweet craft project for all those t-shirts you've got lying around.  T-shirt to Tank!  Magical.

via Crafterhours

  • Maybe I haven't told you yet, buuuuut, I'm kind of having a HUGE love affair with coconut lately.  Co-Co-Nut.  I want it in everything I eat.  So of course I can't wait to try this coconutty and HEALTHY bread from one of my most favorite blogs in all the land, Chocolate Covered Katie

via Chocolate Covered Katie

  • So simple, but true.


And last but not least.....

  • No description necessary.
Via Smells Like Home

Have a fantastic weekend!!!!

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