December 4, 2012

Motivation Tuesday

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

I know.  I KNOW.  Another whole week went by without a post.  I am just a terrible blogger.  I actually have FIVE new posts that I'm working on.  Try to contain your excitement.

In my defense:

Getting those children to cooperate to take Christmas pictures really exhausted me for days.  I had to drink lots of wine to recuperate.  And eat lots of Christmas cookies.

I have no segue from Christmas cookies to my workouts from last week.  Soooo.....  *insert awkward pause*

Monday:  4 mile run
Tuesday:  7 mile run
Wednesday:  Rest!
Thursday:  7 mile run
Friday:  25 minute BIKE RIDE*
Saturday:  10 mile run
Sunday:  25 minute Bike ride

*Meet my sweet new bike-

Okay okay, so, it might be the same age as me.  That's okay!  It works like a charm, and is giving me a much needed break from running for my darn knee.  Yup, still bothering me.

Piles on the Miles wrapped up last week!

It was really nice to have a challenge like that to keep me accountable.  I ended up logging 136 miles for the month of November, 16 over my goal!  Woo!

I think I might try to do a challenge like that for myself every month.  Anyone wanna join in?! :)

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