July 3, 2012

Holidaaay! Celebraaate!

Madonna?  Anyone?

Yeah man, it's a holiday!  Let's shoot off fireworks and wave flags everywhere!

Or do as we're doing- eat Mexican food.  That's patriotic, right?


Wow I love those children.

So, I had a really spectacular day today!

It started out getting this SWEET jacket at Anthropologie:

And the sweetest part about it???????

It cost $24.31!!!!  

And on top of that, my bfffffff Laura gave me a gift card for my birthday, and so it literally cost me NOTHING.  Best day ever.  Love you babycakes.

Then I got to hop on down the road to the most amazing store in the universe: 


If you've never been, then get the heck off my blog right now.

No, I'm just kidding.  But seriously.  It's the freaking greatest grocery store ever.  I got a couple of great things, but the best by far were these babies:


The Sugar Chocolate and Coffee Bean one?  Omggggggg.  

Sprinkled on toast?  The ultimate breakfast food.

Thank you TJ's. 

Welp, that's enough randomness from me.  I'm tired and delusional and am having a hard time coming up with coherent sentences.  Hope you have a great holiday!!

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