June 29, 2012

Friday Finds!


Even when you don't have a job or school, Friday is still great.  Will it always feel this way??  I sure hope so.

Quick injury update before we get down to business.  My back feels 98% better!  Woo!  I took yesterday off from Insanity, did 11 miles on the bike, and ran to and from the gym (2 miles).  Today I gloriously returned to my pectoral friend, and it was sweaty and hard and freaking great.

I seriously love how much of a sweat I work up doing these workouts.  I also love how little time it takes.  I also love watching Sean T take off his shirt. 


Friday Finds!  I think I've rambled enough-  let's do this.

This obviously has to be the first Friday Find showcased.  I need to make these yesterday.


Speaking of something I needed yesterday, this dress.  HOW CUTE IS THIS?!  Ugh, Anthropologie, I have such a love/hate relationship with you.


 Have you had the peanut butter cheerios yet?  If not, I suggest you go rightthisverysecond and get yourself a box.  They've changed my life for the better.  After you've sampled their sweet, sweet nectar, change your life for the better again, and make these.


As a mother to a young girl, I often worry about how much of an emphasis our society puts on being thin.  I want B to grow up being comfortable in her own skin and to be healthy, but not obsessively so.  This article has some great advice on how to steer your child's thoughts in the right direction.


From an article on positive body image to a pie.  Hey, it's made with a secret healthy ingredient (tofu!!!)  Seriously, I've made this without the marshmallows on top, and I can only assume that adding delicious, sugary puffs of Summer will make it even more awesome.

Last but not least, to burn off the calories from your delicious s'mores pie and cookie dough fudge.  A pool workout!  All you need is a pool and a noodle!


Enjoy your weekend!!

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