May 17, 2012

Ta da!

So.  I started a blog.

I'm not sure why or how or when I decided I wanted to do this.  And honestly, it doesn't really matter.

I might as well get this out of the way right off the bat.  I am NOT a grammar connoisseur.  If you're a grammar nazi, you might as well just mosey on along.  I type run on sentences like a maniac.  I'm certain I've already typed some awful grammar mistake that's making someone cringe.  Sorry!  If you think you can handle it, please feel free to stay a bit longer.

There are a couple purposes I have for starting this little adventure.  Let's list them, because I like lists.

1.  To share recipes.

I love to cook and bake.  And I love sharing recipes that I make even more!  I really enjoy trying to take my favorite meals and sweet treats and making them a bit healthier.  This absolutely does not apply to cheesecake. Or chocolate chip cookies.

2.  To share workouts and inspire others to be fit.

Like I shared in my About Me, when I was younger, the thought of running for 3.1 miles continuously was on par with getting sharp objects shoved under my fingernails.  "So you just.... run??"  But let me tell you, there's something about running that just gets to you.  It becomes you.  You WANT to "just run."  I never in a bajillion years thought that I would one day run 26.2 miles for FUN.  What?!?  So now I like to try and get others to join in on the insanity.  Come along with me!

3.   To have a place to ramble and show a ridiculous number of pictures of my children.

Yes, some people use Facebook for this.  I'm certainly guilty of posting WAY TOO MANY pictures of B and E.  It's a sickness really.  Also, I often have things on my mind that I want to talk about.  But let's be honest, people on Facebook JUDGE you.  I'm sure if anyone ever reads this, they will too.  I guess with a blog, I feel like someone chooses to come and read what you have to say.  Whereas, on the 'book, if you're friends with me, I'm forcing you to read my rambles.  Just look at what a pile of rambles this paragraph has turned into!

Well, there ya go.  My first post!  Hopefully there will be more to come.  I have been working on some muffin recipes I really want to share!  Mmm, muffins.

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