May 21, 2012

Bloggin' ain't easy

So, obviously I knew what I wanted to write for my first post.  Duh!  I had to start somewhere, and that obviously begins with introducing yourself and why you want to blog.  BUT-  how do you transition into what you want to write about??

Let me tell ya, I don't know!

So for a little while, I will be awkwardly rambling about stuff you don't care about.  Posting very few pictures or anything worthy of your time.  And attempting to keep the run on sentences to a minimum.

Yesterday was a bear of a run.  I have been taking E out in the stroller for runs about twice a week.  Stroller runs are a blessing in disguise.  While you're doing them, you feel like the most out of shape, gross human being alive.


Then you go for a run by yourself, without 24.5 pounds of stroller and 23 pounds of baby.

WOW-  I'm so FAST!  I'm like lightning!!  I must be running a 5:33 minute mile!!

Okay, so, in reality I'm probably only running a minute/mile faster.  It's a pretty exciting experience, though.  Especially for someone who ran their very first 5k in about 38:00.  Being a "fast" runner has never been something I excelled at.

OH, my run!  Yes, it ended up being 10.29 miles with the stroller in 83 degree weather = A BEAR OF A RUN.  There's no other way to describe it. A nice 10:33 pace, which I was pretty stoked with.  I'm hoping that that 10 + miler with the stroller will be enough to get me ready for next weekend, because....
When E was born in September, I had a little goal in the back of my mind to be able to run a half marathon distance by Memorial Day.  Which just happens to be next weekend!  Yikes!

I'll keep you myself posted.

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