May 2, 2013

Quick Check-In!

Howdy folks.

How is it a) Thursday and b) May? 

Hey!  2013!  I like you!  Let's slow things down a little!

I have been busy this week enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather that has finally arrived. 

And also trying to organize my life/pack up toys that get scattered on the floor moments after they've been put in a box/train for a marathon.

So at night when the blog calls to me, I tell the blog to get bent and I go to sleep instead.

Never underestimate the importance of sleep. (or my laziness)

I have one more big run planned for Saturday (20ish miles.  I have 23 on the schedule but really if I get to 20 and I'm tired I'm just gonna stop and eat a lot hmm no I guess that's right, eat a lot) and then it's TAPER TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most people hate taper, but I am really looking forward to it.  This training has been a killer and I'm looking forward to having more time with these crazies.

Love them.

That's all I've got- see you soon!

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