April 26, 2013

Five Things Friday


I was actually going to post this yesterday, and do Three Things Thursday, but, surprise surprise, I didn't get around to finishing it, and now I have to come up with 2 more to make it 5.  Damn you procrastination!

1.  My last post was my 100th one!  Holy moly! 

No, no not really.

Maybe I'll do a giveaway for my thousands of readers the 5 people that read this! I'm thinking a package of my favorite things, like muffins, Trader Joe's shtuff, cereal, pictures of my kids, and Bradley Cooper.

2.  This week in running has been ROUGH.  That is putting it so, so mildly.  I've caught some sort of plague from the children that also might include strep.  I should probably go see a doctor. 

Anywho, whilst running I kind of just want to crawl up on the sidewalk and go to sleep, but with there only being TWENTY NINE days til the marathon, I've gotta push through this last week, and then I can eat boxes and boxes of Honey Bunches of Oats take it easier.  I can't wait to taper it up.

3.   Gross alert:  I feel really BA because I'm on the verge of losing my first toenail from hardcore running, with two others close behind.  I'm aware that since this kind of excites me, this makes me really, really weird.  I'm okay with that.

4.  Speaking of TWENTY NINE days til the Buffalo Marathon, I haven't mentioned to you five that a week after that, the kids and I will be moving back to Texas!  Joel's been hard at work down there for a few months, and I cannot cannot CANNOT wait to be together as a family again.  Before I become a sobbing mess, let's move on.

5.  A few giggles to get you through the rest of your Friday:

28 Ways to live life like Lucille Bluth (man I love Arrested Development)
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If you only read one of these READ THIS ONE

Hope you have a great weekend!!

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